About Us

The Mint Chip Team

Mint Chip is a full-service digital communications agency that will design, develop and market you as a household name.

We won’t make grandiose claims or guarantees about our skills or capabilities - we’d rather let you do that for us. Our goal is to give you a different digital marketing experience because we are a group of different people who are a little bit... different.

Our team consists of designers, developers, writers, marketers and veterans of the digital age who are passionate about what they do. We all bring something to the table, and chances are you’re bound to like at least one of us. And we can live with those odds.

Don’t be shy, give us your number.

Our Team

Yoni - Founder & CEO

Yoni KahnRose

Founder & CEO

The only thing I like more than marketing and development in the digital age is my fish. Oh, and my kids.

Vlad - Chief Technology Officer

Vlad Tokarskiy

Chief Technology Officer

I’m the tech guru who holds the backend together. If something breaks, I’m there to fix it.

Donna - Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

It's my job to make clients look good. I build up brands using clever creativity.

Shanna - Lead Web Developer


Lead Web Developer

I bring together the technical and the creative to make awesome things happen.

Christine - Web Developer


Web Developer

I work with you to make your dream site come alive!

Finn - Moral Support


Moral Support

The office wouldn't be the same without my curly-haired antics!

You - Newest Team Member?


Team Member

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